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* Our website has the memory of an elephant, however using a different Internet browser (or computer for that matter) would be like starting afresh. If situational recognisability isnt a thing, it is now.

Our guarantee is that if you are not happy with a product, we will make it our mission to either replace it or refund you, free of any hassles. It doesnt get any more or complicated than that. We definitely dont want your time with GotInk to end in regret, so why let a cartridge get in the way of that? It would be like inviting a friend over to play PlayStation with only one controller. Or breaking up with someone for pronouncing either as either, instead of either. It just doesnt make any sense.

canon 3500 printer ink When you see a money back guarantee, we bet you first assume teeth need to be pulled in the process. Well the good news is that when we combed through everything to make ordering ink easier than ever before, we didnt stop at our website.

Side note: we dont keep a record of your credit card details, nor do we ever handle them personally. Our payment gateway, Payment Express handles that. They are the trained security specialists. We still hide house keys under pot plants...

Dont think we are trying to glossy up a useless feature by giving it a flash name. We dont manucture smartphones. Given the opportunity*, our website will remember your last order and the delivery details that went with it. So you no longer need to spare two minutes to order your cartridges; one will be plenty.

P.S. On occasion, getting cartridges out into the wilderness (others call rural delivery) may take an extra day. We think its because couriers get caught without their gumboots and stalk of wheat but the real reason is probably a lot more logical.

As it is obvious every way you look at GotInk, we like to make ordering printer consumables really, really easy.  To this end, the cartridges come to your doorstep, free of charge on orders over $20^.  This happens overnight too, except on weekends of course (couriers have milies like the rest of us).

FollowPayment MethodsAll prices are in NZD and INCLUDE GST>

No longer do you need to squeeze your schedule, charge through crowds, pay for petrol, and tackle through traffic, in a frustrated effort to get those printer cartridges.  Weve turned the ordering process into a moment long experience. You wont have to wait in line on here, and as for the petrol and traffic, leave those inconveniences to the couriers. Theyre trained printer ink cartridges online Gotink Buy Ink Toner Cartridges Online

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